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Terms and Conditions

Conditions générales du site internet is a website for booking accommodation for rent. is referred to as the “Site”.
The Site is a website where travelers can find information (images, text and other items) related to accommodation offered for rent (“Accommodation” and “Ads”) by owners and managers (“Owners”).
The online booking is proposed so that Owners and Travelers can directly contact and sign rental contracts together (“Rental Agreements”).
The Site is a website exclusively dedicated to interactions and rental transactions between Owners and Travelers. Pixel Informatique is not, and never becomes, a party to a contractual relationship between the Traveler and the Owner.
We reserve the right to update or replace the Terms and Conditions at any time without notice to you by posting a new version on the Site. By continuing to view or use the Site, you agree to the current published version of the Terms and Conditions.
The Site is not a travel agency or a tourist provider.

Terms of use

1. When contacting an advert for information or a reservation, travelers will contact the Owner who submitted the Ad directly, including rental, refund and rental policies. of cancellation that are specific to the Owner.

2. These General Terms and Conditions constitute a legally binding agreement between Voyageurs (“You”) and Pixel Informatique. By accessing the Site or the Services, you declare to accept the General Conditions and to submit to it. You may not use the Site if you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions.

3. Ads are published by the Owners on the Site. Their content and updates are the responsibility of the owners or creators of the said content, if any. We reject any responsibility for the contents of these Ads.

4. All bookings made on the Site directly with the Owner, as well as the related rental agreement, are processed directly with the Owner. Each rental agreement governs your right to occupy and use the accommodation. Pixel Informatique is not a party to the Rental Agreement, nor is it responsible to You for the provision of Housing by the Owner. We do not endorse, support, represent or guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy and reliability of the information contained in the Advertisements published on the Site, nor the opinions or other comments published on the Site by third parties.

5. You agree that each Owner is solely responsible for the proper observance of the laws, rules and regulations applicable to his Ad, the rental of his Accommodation and the performance of his rental activity, particularly with regard to obtaining all the necessary rights, permits and authorizations.

6. If you book an Accommodation through our Payment Platform, a portion of the price you agree to pay for the Reservation is a charge due to us, called “Booking Fee” to cover your use of the Site, our customer support service and other operating costs. You agree not to circumvent or attempt to circumvent these booking fees.

The booking principle

The traveler makes a reservation request, via an Advertisement, which is sent to the Accommodation Owner. The reservation request can be accepted or refused by the Owner. In case of acceptance of the owner, a rental agreement is concluded between the Traveler and the Owner. The Booking will be final when You have paid the booking fee. The rest of the bill is due on the day of your arrival at the “Accommodation”.
The Traveler must not send his / her details as part of a message until the Booking has been confirmed and we have not communicated these details to the Owner and the Traveler.
Pixel Informatique is not responsible or involved in the communication between the Owner and the Traveler.

The content of the Site

All rights, database, trademark or design rights in connection with our Site and the resources published therein are owned by us, our licensors or Owners. You may download and print elements of the Site solely for the purpose of keeping track of your Reservation and the Accommodation booked. You may not copy, transmit, modify, republish, save, transfer or link any content or resources on the Site without our prior written consent.
When submitting content for the Site by email, posting on the Site or otherwise, including any notice, question, comment, suggestion or other idea (“Contributions”), you claim to have the legal right to do so. and claim to be responsible for the content of your Contributions. If your Contributions refer to trademarks or other trademarks or registered names, you represent your right to use them. The accuracy of the Contributions is not verified by Pixel Informatique.
Pixel Informatique may deem a Contribution non-compliant and refuse to publish it on the Site.


As an interactive service provider, Pixel Informatique is not responsible for the statements, representations and other content posted by users on public forums. Pixel Informatique has no obligation to filter, correct or monitor the content published or broadcast by users; however, Pixel Informatique reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to remove, obscure or modify, without notice, any content posted or recorded on the Site, at any time and for any reason whatsoever.
Pixel Informatique may deem a Contribution non-compliant and refuse to publish it on the Site.


An online payment platform (via Paypal or a credit card) is available to pay the deposit due and therefore validate your booking. The payment of the deposit due must be exclusively paid using the payment platform of the Site. All other forms of payment of such down payments constitute a breach of these terms and conditions.
If the payment is made through an account or card that is in the name of a third party, you will remain bound by these Terms of Use, and the account holder or third-party card will not receive no rights hereunder.
We reserve the right to change or withdraw the payment platform without notice and in our sole discretion.
If you are redirected to a third-party operator or payment provider such as PayPal, you may be subject to terms and conditions governing the use of the third-party service in question, including applicable fees and data collection practices. personal.
If you make a payment via our payment platform, you accept the rental agreement between You and the Owner.
In case of cancellation of a Reservation, only the booking fees are not refundable.
Once you have completed the process of paying the reservation fee for the Reservation requested, you will receive a confirmation email summarizing the Confirmed Booking.

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